Income Tax

All what you need about Income Tax
Allow us to help you with all what you need about the always delicate topic of the Income Tax.

We provide tax preparation of:
• Individual returns
• Rentals
• C Corporations  or  S Corporations
• Partnerships
• Fiduciaries
• Estate and Gift Taxes
• Non Profits
• Out of State Returns / Part – Year Residence
• We provide Electronic Filing
• We provide assistance with IRS problems

You may not owe the amount on the IRS notice instead they may be asking you for additional information. Always consult a tax professional before you pay the amount on the notice.  Here at Nancy Tax Service we are to help you with any kind of issue.

IRS has a taxpayer advocate service that allows us to help you.  Ask us about that or, if you need more information, go to or CALL 1-877-777-4778.

We provide services for Small Businesses
We are “Quick Books advisors” and can help you with your small business bookkeeping. All small businesses should have a bookkeeping system. You can do this from your PC at home with a bookkeeping software or let us do it for you.

We provide Year Round Service for you!
You can have with us all the services that your company or small business needs related to taxes and accounting topics.