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Top Five Ways to Avo…

Top Five Ways to Avoid a Tax Audit

If the IRS does decide to audit you, there is little you may do to stop it. You may, however, reduce the odds that you will be singled out...

Tax Savings Tips For…

Tax Savings Tips For Parents

Ask any new parent, and they will tell you that the costs associated with a new baby are many, everything from bottles to diapers to cribs...

Five life changes th…

Five life changes that should make you revisit your W-4 Withholding

Some life events result in more taxes, while others entitle you to credits and deductions that lower your taxes.  The list of these e...

Why you need to adju…

Why you need to adjust your W-4 withholding

Common lifestyle changes, like getting a job or getting married, can change your tax liability.  To avoid being caught off guard by a...

Don't shy away from …

Don't shy away from a home office tax deduction

Don't shy away from a home office tax deductionThe eligibility rules for claiming a home office deduction have been loosened to allow more...

Four topics to keep …

Four topics to keep you organized in 2015

1. Make a last-minute estimated tax paymentIf you didn’t pay enough to the IRS during the year, you may have a big tax bill staring you in...

Top Ten Facts about …

Top Ten Facts about Adoption Tax Benefits

IRS Tax Tip 2015-35, April, 2015 If you adopted or tried to adopt a child in 2014, you may qualify for a tax credit. If your employer helpe...

Contribute to retire…

Contribute to retirement accounts

If you haven’t already funded your retirement account for 2014, do so by April 15, 2015. That’s the deadline for contributions to a tradit...

Welcome Nancy Tax Service

Important Note All documents in this page are from the IRS Public Forms.  We are not endorsed by the IRS.   All this information is public and can be found in this link.. Individuals   Forms    Description   Form 1040US Individual Income Tax Return   Annual income...

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The purpose of your accountant

The purpose of your accountant

12-05-2015 No comments

Many people are confused about the purpose of accountants given tax software and so on. To get the...

Self employed tax strategies

Self employed tax strategies

12-05-2015 No comments

Self-employed individuals always cringe at the amount of taxes the pay to the IRS and state. Here ...


  • Nancy Tax Service is driven to succeed in the small business arena and also to help the people. I like their approach and philosophy of being the total package for their customers, they meet all the financial needs of a small business owner. They treat you like family,
    Arnim Gutier General Manager
  • Nancy Tax Servie has given me a true peace of mind about my accounting and financial aspects of business. When trying to manage it on my own, I was consistently frustrated and worried that I was forgetting something vitally important. After working with them, I feel secure that my accounting is accurate,
    Judith Alexander Strategic Coordinator
  • From the moment Nancy and her team at Nancy Tax Service became our bookkeepers, we couldn’t imagine life without them. They have helped us get our business organized and into a system that makes it easy to track what we are spending, how and when.
    Keyla Steph Event Organiser
  • I’ve been incredibly impressed with Nancy Tax Servicet since hiring them to take on my bookkeeping. Not only has their work been timely, reliable and accurate, it’s been a pleasure interacting with such knowledgeable and friendly people. They indeed help people.
    Rita Velez Software Developer

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About Us

Nancy Tax Service is a small business that was founded in 2000. We provide services of immigration forms, notary public as well as the income tax and accounting fields.

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